Friday, 14 October 2011

The Root of Corruption

"There is no use fighting against corruption and the current political system. Nothing is going to change." These are the most common words  we keep telling and hear others telling. Now we have reached a situation where the corruption has become a giant tree and swallowing the whole country. Intense battles are going on against corruption. And now it is the time for all the "Aam Aadmis" to find the root of corruption.

We the so called "Aam Aadmis" will be indulged in corruption in one or the other way for getting our works done. And we will not be aware of this also. I wish to give example of my Ideal person related to this.

This lady goes to RTO to get her license done. She fills all the official fees and her driving test goes pretty decent. Then as usual the RTO inspector comes to her and demands for unofficial fees. I think most of us have faced these kinds of situations in our life. But only the ways we react to these are different. But she rejects without thinking twice. She wants to go with her ideals. Same story repeats once again after this. And her stand on this will be the same. Third time , she goes and does all the formalities again and finally gets the license. Now that RTO guy comes to her and tells - " You could have get it done first time only  if you had filled my pockets. Now you lost double money giving the fees thrice and unnecessary waste of time also!!". She replies boldly-" No worries. I am happy that the money I gave didn't go into your pocket and I have a satisfaction that I did justice to myself and my country." She was feeling nice for the the right thing she had done. And this instance has become drive for her to face these kinds of situations boldly.

How many of us think in this way. We continue to be a part of corruption for getting our work done fast and smooth. I think this only is the primary reason for corruption to grow as a giant tree. We have only poured water to it when it was small. And now it has grown gigantically. Instead of talking philosophy about corruption or preaching that nothing can be done, let us take a oath that we will follow our ideals by not bribing under any circumstances.We the common men have the ability and strength to shake the root of this tree.And the tree cannot stand without root. Let us uproot this tree and build the "Corruptionless India"...  The Root Of Corruption

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